Brain Recovery Zone

The Immersive Virtual Reality Recovery Platform for Brain Injury

Brain Recovery Zone

The Immersive Virtual Reality Recovery Platform for Brain Injury

Brain Recovery Zone

The Immersive Virtual Reality Recovery Platform for Brain Injury

Who is the platform for?

1 in 4 people will have a stroke at some point in their lifetime. Leaving hospital, individuals and families often feel very vulnerable and the transition home, and returning to 'life' can often feel like the biggest challenge.

Recovery following stroke and other forms of acquired brain injury is often affected by low mood, anxiety, communication difficulties and fatigue. Due to the significant demand on public services, it can be difficult to access community rehab early on and this can leave individuals feeling alone and isolated.

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Stroke recovery is best delivered a little every day

  • We have developed a Neuro-Calming, self led rehabilitation programme for patients with stroke and other forms of acquired brain injury
  • Targeting fatigue management
  • Supporting individuals to manage emotions
  • Providing strategies for communication difficulties post stroke

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Our aim is to give everyone a safe space to recover...

... from stroke and other forms of acquired brain injury

  • To ensure early access to targeted treatment packages allowing rehab to begin as soon as possible
  • To provide an ongoing recovery companion for patients and families
  • To support motivation for practise and habit building that is crucial to recovery

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Our brain is made up of 86 billion neurons….

Whilst this may be an overwhelming number to make sense of, imagine a massive network of connecting roads – all transmitting and receiving information, enabling different parts of our brain to communicate with each other.

Injury disrupts some of these networks and dependent on the severity of the injury, small to large areas of the brain can be affected.

We know however, that with challenges and new activities, the brain can rewire and grow new connections and that is the basis of neuro rehab.

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Why virtual reality?

VR can be of real benefit to neuro rehabilitation due to it’s immersive and engaging environment. Due to it’s ability to lend itself to real life environments, it can mirror evidence based treatments.

What we see in rehab is, if people try things and succeed, they are more motivated to try them again and this can often lead to an increase in confidence and a growth in someone’s comfort zone – all crucial when learning to adjust to a new way of life.

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Client Stories
  • Kirsty’s Story

    "... Since my stroke, I've been using the headset everyday to help my recovery and manage my feelings ..."

  • Ian’s Story

    "... Since using the VR head set, I feel more in control and like myself again ..."