Client Stories

Kirsty’s Story

"... Since my stroke, I've been using the headset everyday to help my recovery and manage my feelings ..."

Ian’s Story

"... Since using the VR head set, I feel more in control and like myself again ..."


"Being visually impaired, I tend to see everything as a blur. However, when I put the headset on, it was like stepping into another world. I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way) with how much I could see and how much I could feel. I never thought I would be able to have such an experience. It is really relaxing and I would definitely recommend."


"My experience with the Brain Recovery Zone has been very good. The level of immersion is excellent on the VR headset and I find it relaxing and calming. Before sleeping it helps me wind down, all in all I am impressed and pleased with it."


"Water really relaxes me when I am in a bad place and the greenery, outside space, birds and water together is amazing. Personally I love it and it works for me. The fact I am literally transported there and I don’t need to try and imagine (which is so hard after my brain injury) is the key. Also, the journey through the brain and understanding brain injury animation– I only wish my family had been able to see this at the start – it was such a huge help in explaining what had happened in my brain."

Debbie M

"My son is like a different person after a dose of relaxation in the headset. Due to his brain injury, he can quickly become fatigued and agitated, especially following a long day at school. The VR platform has really helped him relax and I can tell the difference after he has been in it. His favourites are definitely visiting the northern lights and sitting by the waterfalls. We can’t wait for what’s coming!"

Kirsty and Harvey

"Emotional regulation - the VR headset and the mindfulness videos on the platform have helped to alleviate any stress and anxiety, and also helps to take my mind away from any worries I might have at that time. Furthermore, it helps to reduce or alleviate any feelings of sadness or anger because of how calming the videos are; the visuals along with the soothing music does this.

Fatigue management - being "taken away" by the videos to a calming place helps to quickly "recharge the battery" so I don't feel as tired as before watching them, and the videos available to watch before going to sleep (the northern lights for example) does all the things as above but also puts me in the right place to sleep and therefore sets me up for a better night’s sleep."


"I love the northern lights film. I like the openness, and you can almost breath in the cool fresh outside air, it feels good. The music contributes to the atmospheric feeling too, nice and ambient, relaxing, wasn't distracting. And I feel I can get lost in the film, there's no specific thing I have to concentrate on. I can just relax in the ambience, it's almost transcendental, my brain can just turn off and I could enjoy the atmosphere without having to think about anything in particular.

The key for me is using the platform to help reset my brain in the moment when I am struggling. It’s also a way of creating a positive experience and reminding me I have some control over how I am feeling. Would highly recommend."