The Product

Targeted Neuro Rehabilitation Platform: The Complete Solution

Following stroke and other forms of acquired brain injury, changes in thinking, memory, emotions and communication are common. This platform has been specifically designed to target:

  • Managing emotions and anger
  • Fatigue management & attentional training
  • Communication difficulties post stroke
Brain Recovery Zone - Virtual Headset

Brain Recovery Zone - Virtual Headset

The Hardware: Pico G2 4K

  • All-in-one virtual reality headset
  • No additional equipment needed
  • Face inserts are easy to clean and hygienic
  • Brain Recovery Zone platform is loaded on and ready to use

The BRZ Neurorehab Platform Software

Emotional Regulation icon

Emotional regulation

Fatigue management and attentional training icon

Fatigue management & attentional training

Speech difficulties post stroke icon

Speech difficulties post stroke

The Modules

Learn about your injury and take a journey through the brain

Engage in evidence based strategies to aid recovery in your own home

Access automated speech training modules to help with communication

Graded attentional training in real life settings

Access a gentle wind-down exercise to help relax, rest, and sleep

Immersive ‘reset’ exercises targeting:

person dealing with anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress

practicing mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness

a client dealing with anger management

Anger management

a lady sleeping


The benefits
  • Understanding the nature of your injury and what to expect can help with increasing feelings of control
  • Enables loved ones to understand some of the hidden difficulties following injury including fatigue
  • Learn how brain injury can affect speech and practise exercises to work on slurred speech / when fatigue affects speech
  • Increase tolerance to cognitive fatigue, using real life immersive attentional programmes
  • Access a calm recovery space containing unique experiences to help your brain recharge and manage stress and fatigue – crucial during recovery

virtual reality headset

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Jack had a stroke aged 24 in 2017. He lost the use of his left-arm completely, and continues to suffer from fatigue.

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toni review

Toni had two strokes in 2016 aged 42, and a further stroke in 2017. She initially lost her speech, has suffered from significant fatigue, and still has a lack of movement on her left-hand side.

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