Digital Rehab Package

What does the Brain Safe Space Digital Rehab Pack contain?

  • An easily accessible library of rehabilitation resources
  • Recovery templates to download
  • Fatigue management exercises
  • Sleep training programme
  • Techniques to help manage anger
  • Coping on a bad day resources
  • Audio and video library of psychological exercises to help soothe the brain
  • Memory and concentration exercises
  • Communication exercises
digital rehab

Brain Safe Space Digital Rehab Pack

When we are suddenly confronted with a situation that highlights that life rarely stays the same, nothing can prepare us for that.

We wanted to put together a range of accessible digital resources to support individuals and their loved ones following an acquired brain injury. This is not a prescriptive programme but we believe the key to recovery is developing new routines and habits and using tools to help practise daily and build up confidence and skills over time.

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